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About Us

About Us

We are Malta’s leading knowledge-based independent consulting firm, working closely with our clients across all sectors of the economy, with the aim of creating and transforming business strategy into reality.

misco achieves this by assisting you to maximise your engagement with clients and employees. We support you in developing your business, organising your resources and motivating and developing your employees through a range of services that include selection, training, marketing and opinion research, business tools, outsourcing and consultancy.

Our Vision

The recognized leader in independent marketing and people research and consultancy in Malta.

Our Mission

We are leading providers of information to the business community, the public sector and non-governmental organisations through human resources and marketing research, training and consultancy.

We are primarily guided in our activity by a professional, practical and customer-driven approach.

As thinkers and doers, we believe in building partnerships with clients and suppliers; in fostering a team spirit within the organisation; and in continuous innovation and improvement in our work.

Our Brand Promise

It is the misco brand promise that makes us stand out from other competent organizations. This brand promise consists of six operating principles:

  1. Practicality

We strive to offer customized services in line with our core competencies. We ensure a deep understanding of the complexities of the business while promising to deliver PRACTICAL solutions to diverse needs.

  1. Client Benefit 

We promise to use our knowledge of evolving markets to provide high-quality services. We consider clients to be unique and, as such, we will utilize our expertise to provide them with MAXIMUM BENEFITS.

  1. Partnership

We seek to build effective business relationships based on mutual trust. We promote PARTNERSHIP as a means of enhancing clients’ competitive advantage.

  1. Innovation 

We are constantly developing our skills to adopt an INNOVATIVE approach in the provision of our services. We aim to use technology and knowledge to offer an improved and effective delivery of results.

  1. Professionalism

We promise to offer outstanding services while complying with PROFESSIONAL, ethical standards. We also seek to promote clients’ interests in a self-critical and responsible manner.

  1. Strong Work Ethic

We empathize with our clients, we are sensitive to their needs and we try to anticipate them. We distinguish ourselves as hard workers obsessed with excellence and professionalism. We show a strong bias for efficiency and approach tasks and opportunities with URGENCY and a SENSE OF PURPOSE – all for the maximum benefit of clients.

Our Team


Lawrence Zammit



Joanne Bondin


_DSC1209-2 (1)

Rebecca Gera



Ritienne Xerri



Josianne Avellino

Senior Manager


Nadine Cilia

Senior Executive


Ilaria Spiteri Axiak



Kirsty Micallef



Sara Anne Galea



Silvana Zammit



Thea Bharwani Scicluna

Trainee Executive


Marthese Spiteri Gonzi



Monica Camilleri

Research Assistant


Nancy Farrugia

Office Attendant

Our Associates

Corporate Identities

The Corporate ID Group is an organisation which represents a suite of strategy, policy inspired information and communication services which brings together a global outlook and a local perspective. The Group introduces a unique blend of expertise to organisations and the corporate world that strengthens strategy through vision and foresight. Corporate ID work with clients to build and develop organisations into corporate identities in a strategic, successful manner.

Visit their website:

The Ornate Group

The Ornate Group are a boutique digital agency specialising in the creation of bespoke marketing solutions, custom training, and strategic consultancy for aspirational brands. With combined international expertise spanning over 15 years, they aim to provide marketing support at the highest quality… from intricate strategies to handcrafted promotions.

The Ornate Group’s team of Chartered Marketing professionals come from an international background, with over a decade of experience with top global brands including Corinthia, Harvey Nichols, Emma Bridgewater and more. Their skills include content writing, marketing strategy, analytics, design and project management.

Visit their website:



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