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Improving your English Communication Skills for Business Bootcamp

July 5

Communication is not all about the skills needed to communicate, but more importantly about the language and how it is used. This 3-module training programme aims to focus on the written and spoken language of English used in business.

What will you learn? 

Module 1

  • Spoken business English
  • Understand effective communication and communication barriers
  • Comply with non-verbal communication and listening skills
  • Learn how to network
  • Speak to colleagues in a more professional way

Module 2:

  • Writing business e-mails
  • Understand how to plan and write better
  • Be aware when sending emails is necessary and appropriate
  • Be aware of the tone of your writing; formal vs modern English
  • Understand tools that can help you write better
  • Comply with punctuation and sentence length
  • Make your writing more logical and flowing

Module 3:

  • Further written communication
  • Analyse different functions of writing; presenting your company, answering a complaint, etc.
  • Comply with writing other documents
  • Understand the importance of proofreading


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