Bernice Camilleri

Bernice’s background is in Marketing and English Language Training, after having worked and occupied various roles within the International Education Travel Industry.

Nowadays Bernice is the Owner / Director of two companies that operate remotely – Schools & Agents (www.schoolsandagents.com) that focuses on Online Marketing for the Education Travel industry and operates in over 80 countries worldwide; and BaiLogik (www.bailogik.com) which is a Business Consultation Agency with a special focus on Maltese companies who are interested in broadening their horizons.

As the Co-Owner and Director of an international online marketing company, Bernice attends and presents in conferences around the world 6 – 7 times per year. This experience has enabled her to bring together her Teaching Skills, her love of Marketing and her passion for travelling.

She firmly believes that freelancing enables individuals to explore what they truly love to do…and eventually take the plunge and do it; even if this means that their job description is far from the traditional and ordinary.