Lynne Farrugia

Lynne has been working within the education travel industry since 2006. During this time she has acquired experience in training adults, preparing them for exams and helping them become more proficient in English within business environments. Such exposure to individuals from various business backgrounds and cultures has helped Lynne understand how to deal with clients in a variety of circumstances. It has also given her more knowledge when it comes to customer expectations and how to meet their needs.

Throughout this time she has also had the opportunity to gain more perspective of different business environments by working in Sales & Marketing as well as Customer Care within the financial sector. Dealing with clients on face-to-face basis as well as over the phone and online has aided Lynne to become more aware of the issues which arise when customer expectations are not met and how to best deal with complaints using different methods of communication. Additionally, being involved in Sales & Marketing has given her a clear understanding of how different departments should work hand in hand so as to achieve the best results; satisfied and loyal customers.

Apart from studying English, Lynne has also completed a Professional Certificate in Marketing (EQF Level 5) and a Diploma in Professional Marketing (EQF Level 6) with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Both these qualifications, as well as, work experience, have opened up newer and more innovative ways and means for Lynne to deal with staff members and do business.

Lynne is now the co-owner and Director of an online marketing company which functions within an international market. She mainly communicates with customers online and over the phone, and she also attends conferences abroad approximately 6 to 7 times per year. Meeting business people from multi-national backgrounds has provided Lynne with ample knowledge regarding different ways to do business, problematic situations which organisations come across, as well as successful business strategies.

Lynne also co-owns a second company which operates locally and helps businesses in different aspects of developing a business strategy. She understands that working locally entails different strategies than working with foreigners and this knowledge helps her understand what course participants require even when they come from different backgrounds.