Corporate Governance Consultancy

At misco we utilise our years of experience in corporate governance and operational excellence to support the boards of our clients’ business entities.

How can we help?

  • With years of experience in corporate governance, we know what it takes to keep our clients in a good corporate standing
  • We assess your organization’s governance processes, measure them against best practice, and ensure they meet the needs of the business 
  • Develop comprehensive corporate governance structures
  • We also provide bespoke training programmes and board assessments for members who are already on your company boards or committees, with the aim of strengthening your corporate governance practices

Our clients include:

  • Companies that wish to consult individuals with experience to ensure that their corporate structures are set up and operating correctly
  • Those who would like to invest in continuous development training for their board members, to ensure that they remain knowledgeable, that their contribution is valid and that they keep up to speed with the latest developments in corporate governance