Ad Testing

Whether your creative development is in its early stages or fully executed, we can help you determine whether your adverts will perform well in-market or whether they should be improved.

How can we help?

  • Ensure ideas do not get lost during development of an execution
  • Assess whether an execution is likely to resonate with the target audience
  • Rather than taking the results of an ad test to make a ‘no’ or ‘no-go’ decision, use the results to guide and improve implementation
  • Avoid the negative consequences of weak advertising in terms of wasted media money and lost sales

Our clients include:

  • Brands wishing to determine whether their ads will perform well in-market
  • Brands requiring a salient and creative execution that does not go too far beyond the boundaries of what people consider acceptable
  • Brands that are looking to use their marketing budgets more effectively – getting highest return on investment out of marketing spend
  • Advertisers planning future advertising campaigns