Succession Planning

Succession planning has become essential for all companies, large or small. It helps companies deal with the departure of a key member of an organisation, and also caters for motivational matters such as career planning.

How can we help?

  • misco helps you identify and develop internal people, in particular “star” employees, with the specific objective of filling key business leadership positions within the company
  • We assist you to increase the availability of capable individuals prepared to assume such roles as they become available
  • We will help you retain knowledge within the company so there is a decreased risk of loss of experienced corporate leaders
  • We also ensure you link HR strategic planning business objectives and increase internal promotion and growth opportunities 

Our clients include:

  • Organisations wishing to develop a culture where leadership perceives corporate succession planning as an investment for the organisation
  • Those who want to build a solid leadership pipeline 
  • Companies wanting to ensure business continuity