Employee Engagement

Our expertise in marketing research, coupled with our knowledge of human resources, will help you unlock the true potential of your workforce through employee engagement methods.

How can we help?

  • Understand your employees’ attitudes and behaviour to guide you in designing strategies that strengthen the engagement of your employees
  • Increase company performance and ensure that employees are working towards the organisation’s strategies and goals
  • Identify key drivers of employee engagement and disengagement to create strategies for further strengthening success areas; and drill down to look at problem areas that require intervention

Our clients include:

  • Companies that would like to identify employee levels of motivation, involvement and emotional commitment
  • Organisations wishing to check whether employee effort is focused in the right direction, that is, do employees understand the company’s strategies and goals and does their work contribute to the organisations’ success?
  • Businesses needing guidance in planning activities and initiatives that will have an impact on increasing employee engagement levels