Job Evaluation

Evaluate and determine the value of jobs in your organisation so that a fair compensation system against various bands or levels can be established.

How can we help?

  • We provide organisations with the necessary tool-kit to carry out job evaluation exercises for an array of employees within an organisation. This assessment assists organisations in determining the relative value of various positions against a set of job and personal factors, such as qualifications and skills
  • misco helps you understand the nature of roles within your organisation and assists you to align them and their relative compensation

Our clients include:

  • Companies wishing to get a better idea of the organisation’s level of talent in-house, and what range of jobs employees can cover in line with the evolving labour market
  • Organisations that want to identify employees having abilities beyond their current job functions
  • Those who wish to ensure equality in salary structure and implement a standardised system
  • Businesses that wish to manage succession within their organisation