Skills Audit & Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

A skills audit will provide valuable information on where your organisation needs to improve, where to target training and development, and what skills you need to recruit for.

How can we help?

  • misco provides a snapshot of the organisation’s skills base and determines whether the organisation can meet its objectives
  • We can identify targeted and specific training needs, prioritise training and explore employee aspirations
  • Develop an understanding of the skills required and the gaps the organisation has, and how these gaps can be minimised
  • We can identify employees who need training and development

Our clients include:

  • Companies wishing to develop focused training and development plans 
  • Those who want to create better defined recruiting needs
  • Organisations that want to gain insight on their current competence levels
  • Those who wish to invest in career pathing and succession planning, based on accurate information on their employees
  • Businesses wanting to increase productivity as people are better trained and matched to their positions