Organisation Assessment & Restructuring

misco has an outstanding reputation for providing its clients with exceptional organisational design advice, ensuring that the company’s structure and work practices are operating in the most efficient and effective manner.

How can we help?

  • Design an organisational infrastructure that matches the company’s vision and strategy 
  • Keep up with the constant stream of challenges posed by business realities through the creation of a high performing workforce
  • Explicitly support the strategy by emphasizing the key capabilities required to succeed
  • Reinforce the positive aspects of a company’s culture, heritage, and values

Our clients include:

  • Companies going through an evolution due to external factors, such as development of the regulatory environment, or strategic changes, such as a major acquisition or entry into a new market 
  • Those who want to ensure that they are operating at the most effective level
  • Organisations experiencing internal challenges such as excess cost and complexity, ineffective decision-making, or a founder approaching retirement
  • Companies wishing to go beyond structure to specify how the organisation chart comes to life with clear accountabilities, governance and ways of working