Assessment Centres

misco’s consultants are highly trained and experienced professionals dedicated to optimising the competency of individuals, with the aim of promoting excellence within organisations.

How can we help?

  • We provide an alternative method of recruiting to the usual interview structure
  • misco aims to devise and implement Assessment Centres as part of a selection process, to assess the most suitable recruits and select candidates who possess the skills and values the organisation needs
  • We use our expertise in the field and our methodology that is designed to bring out behaviours relevant to the most important aspects of the position, or level, for which individuals are being assessed

Our clients include:

  • Companies needing to evaluate existing employees in a succession planning exercise
  • Organisations that wish to adopt an effective tool for predicting on-the-job behaviour, through the simulation of real work situations
  • Those who want to assess contenders objectively and reduce cost of hire
  • Companies aspiring to provide applicants with detailed, relevant feedback, which can be used for recruitment or to design personal development plans