Brand Awareness, Usage & Perceptions

Working with some of the major brands in Malta for over 30 years, our highly experienced team can help you turn data into actionable insights and identify future-facing strategies for growth.

How can we help?

  • Understand the position of the brand in relation to competition to develop better strategies for brand growth
  • Understand the health of the brand and its performance against objectives
  • Identify opportunities to further strengthen the brand and underlying weaknesses that require intervention
  • Determine the optimal media mix for sending the most persuasive marketing communications to the target audience

Our clients include:

  • Those who want to check whether their brand is making progress in meeting their brand equity goals
  • Brands that would like to find out whether they should continue to invest in current marketing activities or make changes
  • Companies that are looking to use their budgets more effectively
  • Brands that need to make sound decisions quickly