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Marketing Research

Brand Awareness, Usage & Perceptions

Working with some of the major brands in Malta for over 30 years, our highly experienced team can help you turn data into actionable insights and identify future-facing strategies for growth.

How can we help?

  • Understand the position of the brand in relation to competition to develop better strategies for brand growth
  • Understand the health of the brand and its performance against objectives
  • Identify opportunities to further strengthen the brand and underlying weaknesses that require intervention
  • Determine the optimal media mix for sending the most persuasive marketing communications to the target audience

Our clients include:

  • Those who want to check whether their brand is making progress in meeting their brand equity goals
  • Brands that would like to find out whether they should continue to invest in current marketing activities or make changes
  • Companies that are looking to use their budgets more effectively
  • Brands that need to make sound decisions quickly

Customer Care (Mystery Shopping)

Understand how people experience your products and services across every point of contact.

How can we help?

  • Gain first-hand experiences from customers
  • Analyse specific aspects related to your operations, such as customer care or specific procedures
  • Understand which aspects customers like or dislike and thus recognise ways for you to improve your daily operations

Our clients include:

  • Those who would like to improve their customers’ experience
  • Companies seeking to improve the level of service provided
  • Businesses wishing to rate their staff’s performance

Customer Satisfaction

Let us help you identify how your customers experience your brand and how your brand makes your customers feel.

How can we help?

  • Explore customer satisfaction levels and identify consumer weak points that require intervention
  • Understand what your customers like, dislike or what they would like to see improved
  • Give you the ability to reinforce positive experiences in order to retain existing customers, and add new customers by making accurate decisions and taking corrective action

Our clients include:

  • Companies aspiring to better understand how their customers feel about them
  • Brands that would like to track their customers’ level of satisfaction
  • Businesses seeking to improve the service they provide to their customers

Products / Services Usage & Attitudes

Understand the marketplace; who is buying what, from where and how often, attitudes towards you and your competitors, different products, consumer needs, etc.  Simply put, we can help you identify currently unmet needs and barriers to improvement.

How can we help?

  • Understand market trends and the way they are changing
  • Recognise who is making use of your products or services so that you may target them in a better manner while, on the other hand, taking corrective action to attract other potential consumers
  • Identify the leading factors the leading factors that ensure customer loyalty 

Our clients include:

  • Companies wishing to better understand how their market is developing
  • Companies that want to gain insight into their customers’ attitudes
  • Companies that need to understand why consumers are choosing their competitors, rather than themselves, for the same type of product or service

Opinion Polls

With many years of social research experience for global agencies and some of the world’s best-known social research businesses, we are able to combine classical approaches with innovation, to deliver evidence that aims to improve public policy, public services and public communication.

How can we help?

  • Better predict the outcome of elections
  • Gain a better understanding of the public’s concerns and fears
  • Get conversations going on current issues, and use results to help make informed decisions, and directly impact the development of public policy and its acceptability by society

Our clients include:

  • Anyone wishing to obtain an unbiased view of the public opinion on a range of issues
  • Anyone needing to determine whether public view has changed over a period of time

Employee Engagement

Our expertise in marketing research, coupled with our knowledge of human resources, will help you unlock the true potential of your workforce through employee engagement methods.

How can we help?

  • Understand your employees’ attitudes and behaviour to guide you in designing strategies that strengthen the engagement of your employees
  • Increase company performance and ensure that employees are working towards the organisation’s strategies and goals
  • Identify key drivers of employee engagement and disengagement to create strategies for further strengthening success areas; and drill down to look at problem areas that require intervention

Our clients include:

  • Companies that would like to identify employee levels of motivation, involvement and emotional commitment
  • Organisations wishing to check whether employee effort is focused in the right direction, that is, do employees understand the company’s strategies and goals and does their work contribute to the organisations’ success?
  • Businesses needing guidance in planning activities and initiatives that will have an impact on increasing employee engagement levels

Ad Testing

Whether your creative development is in its early stages or fully executed, we can help you determine whether your adverts will perform well in-market or whether they should be improved.

How can we help?

  • Ensure ideas do not get lost during development of an execution
  • Assess whether an execution is likely to resonate with the target audience
  • Rather than taking the results of an ad test to make a ‘no’ or ‘no-go’ decision, use the results to guide and improve implementation
  • Avoid the negative consequences of weak advertising in terms of wasted media money and lost sales

Our clients include:

  • Brands wishing to determine whether their ads will perform well in-market
  • Brands requiring a salient and creative execution that does not go too far beyond the boundaries of what people consider acceptable
  • Brands that are looking to use their marketing budgets more effectively – getting highest return on investment out of marketing spend
  • Advertisers planning future advertising campaigns

Customer Profiling

Create a portrait of your customers to help you take better decisions.

How can we help?

  • Target your communications to those most likely to purchase your brand, offering prospects that will appeal specifically to them
  • Untap market potential for your current brand offering
  • Improve return on investment of marketing spend/conversion and response rates
  • Enhance customer retention 

Our clients include:

  • Organisations that would like to find out who their customers are
  • Brands needing to find the best way to reach their customers
  • Brands that want to identify what content works best for their customers, so that they can provide meaningful and engaging material

Market Share (Retail Audit)

Stay competitive in today’s marketplace by utilising retail audits to capture critical field data that affects the health of your company and its products.

How can we help?

  • Understand your position within the market and the size of the share you occupy
  • Gain insight into your competitors’ position within the market and the size of the share they occupy
  • Identify areas for potential expansion for your business

Our clients include:

  • Clients required to report internally about market share, however, do not have data readily available
  • Those who would like to analyse the market and their position within it, as well as possible opportunities to grow
  • Businesses desiring to compare themselves to their competitors

Our Research Methodologies

Focus Groups

Our premises are fully equipped to run focus groups with recording apparatus (and the opportunity for the client to observe focus groups as, and when, they happen).

Telephone (CATI)

Our offices are equipped with a room containing 25 CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing) stations and own proprietary CATI software, as well as a large pool of experienced CATI interviewers.

Face-to-Face (CAPI)

misco has a strong face-to-face CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviewing) capability consisting of a large number of tablets to conduct face-to-face surveys anywhere, anytime, as well as a large pool of experienced CAPI interviewers.


misco has its own research panel, made up of thousands of consumers coming from all walks of life.

In-depth Interviews

misco’s researchers have a wealth of experience in conducting qualitative, in-depth interviews with any target population.

Become a Research Participant

By providing us with your details and opting in to participate in online surveys, focus groups, or both, you are allowing us to process your data by inviting you to participate in online surveys and/or focus groups. We will always treat your personal details with the utmost care and respect, and they will not be shared with anyone else. 

View our privacy policy here.

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