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Gaining the competitive edge: Why collaborating with a recruitment consultant is advantageous

September 12, 2022

As we all know, the job search process can be quite a lengthy and demotivating procedure. With this in mind, recruitment consultants may assist in making it an easier process, bringing back to light the excitement of a potentially new career. Whether it is by navigating you through the current market, matching your skills and qualifications to a specific role or helping you achieve the perfect resume, recruitment consultants are there to help.

There are numerous ways a candidate may benefit from working with a recruitment consultant. Firstly, due to the direct contact between company and consultant, candidates may get that competitive edge, helping them get their foot in the door with their company of choice. With our personalized recommendation, focusing on your strengths from past roles, there is more focus given to these profiles. Creating a relationship with a consultant is of utmost importance as whilst we will get to know you better, this will in turn allow you to access different opportunities and will also help you in keeping an eye out on the current market of job opportunities.

Getting the inside scoop! Recruitment consultants may give information that is outside the job advert, which assists the candidate in making an informed decision on whether the role and company is for them or not. Seeing if the role is a good fit can help candidates avoid time wasted during the job application process. Cultural insight may also be given to candidates, which can assist in achieving high job satisfaction!

Recruitment consultants can provide constructive criticism on your application as to assist you during the application process. Another benefit is that feedback is given to candidates as to assist them in future roles. While candidates may not feel entirely comfortable in discussing certain topics with a hiring manager, it may
differ with a recruitment consultant. Questions can be asked to us, as to assist candidates in making informed decisions.

Job searching is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Considerable time can be saved by creating long lasting relationships with recruitment consultants who can stay connected with you, with jobs that align with your qualifications. More guidance can also be given on whether a role and company would be suitable for your requirements and expectations.

Some companies lack the resources to recruit and therefore work exclusively with recruitment consultants. Therefore, when collaborating with a us, you may hear about opportunities that are not openly publicised, having the competitive edge over other applicants!

Some candidates may be held back on finding the right role for them due to confidentiality reasons. If it is a sensitive matter and you do not want to risk having your employer find out until you are ready to resign officially, recruitment consultants may be helpful here. By opting to work with a recruitment consultant for your job search, you do not have to put your resume out into different databases for different companies but only stick to the ones that really match your interests and expectation.

A generous portion of our role is speaking to different candidates, trying to keep up to date on their job search. From my experience, it makes my day a little brighter when a candidate reaches out to inform me that they have accepted an opportunity we recommended or even that they found employment elsewhere and are now happy in their careers.

At the end of the day, recruitment consultants are there to help. We pride ourselves in seeing a person whom we would have recruited,  gain employment within their company of choice. We also gain great satisfaction in receiving feedback upon successful employment, in addition to, watching candidates grow within a company. 


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