Giving Rookies a Chance: The Benefits of Recruiting Fresh Graduates

Giving Rookies a Chance: The Benefits of Recruiting Fresh Graduates

Thrown into the world of work and professionalism, fresh graduates must navigate their way through the first shaky steps of their career. With this in mind, companies may take it upon themselves to guide them through this process as many benefits may be reaped.

Most companies shy away from recruiting candidates with little to no experience, as they are afraid that without the related knowledge, they will not be able to grasp the role properly. Reality is that although fresh graduates might be lacking in the job experience department, , this could be compensated through other benefits. Starting off, they may bring new views, perspectives and opinions to the company which could be a fresh change of pace. They are also ready to learn and absorb new experiences, which comes with great enthusiasm to listen to their superiors.

The lack of experience may also be an advantage. The new recruits can be taught the company’s culture and ways without them having any pre-conceived ideas of what should occur. This way, the company’s training representative is able to teach them new techniques without having to remove the pre-conditioned methods that other companies may adopt.

Since the recruits are at the beginning of their career, they may take the role very seriously as they are willing to create an identity for themselves within the company. This ambition may allow them to pay closer attention to their work as to ensure they are meeting the company’s standards and also show their new perspectives in doing so.

Due to their recent graduation, their knowledge should also be up-to-date! The new methods that were taught to them may allow them to be more efficient in their work and they may also be more knowledgeable on the ever-changing technology within a workplace.

Lastly, hiring fresh graduates may also benefit the company in the financial sense. As they are new to the industry and lacking in experience, the salaries offered would reflect this. Their goal would usually be to gain on-the-job knowledge and therefore would not have high expectations when it comes to compensation. Of course, this should not be an excuse to underpay the new recruits but rather just a cost-effective approach to consider.

There are various ways that you may adopt a fresh graduate into a company. Following the selection and recruitment process, one must keep in mind that certain soft skills must be taught during the induction process. Employers should understand that most people who have just completed their studies tend to have limited exposure to office experience and therefore may not know how to go about proper office etiquette and formal email communication.

Integration may also happen by on the job shadowing. A mentor may be assigned to the new recruit as so on-going development is created through training. The goal of on-the-job training would be to assist them in finding and developing a future of the recruit within a company, which could also fashion a sense of loyalty and would lessen employee turnover.

All in all, it is easy to say that recent graduates may be at the bottom of the shortlist due to their inexperience, but this may not always be the case. The new perspectives and skills that can be brought to the table could be a great potential benefit for the business’s long term!


Thea Bharwani Scicluna, Trainee Executive