misco launches future-ready training catalogue

misco launches future-ready training catalogue

misco rolled out the 2020 Training and Development Catalogue offering tens of new and revisited courses across six areas of expertise. The programmes have been specifically designed to meet the current challenges in recruitment and to help organisations build a workforce ready for the next decade.

The catalogue introduces a selection of industry-specific courses that raise the operating standards of organisations with programmes ranging from The Art of Selling to Disability in the Workplace, and from Managing the Shop Floor to Developing an Intercultural Workplace. Courses and workshops can also be customised for companies and delivered in-house by one of the misco programme leaders.

In addition, misco offers a series of accredited programmes such as a Level 6 Award in Strategic Marketing, a Level 5 Award in Human Resources Management and a Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management. Accredited programmes are eligible for refunds of up to 70 percent by government funded schemes.

Ritienne Xerri, misco Director of Training and Development, explained that the new catalogue reflects the outcome of a thorough analysis of trends in the labour market: “We have identified the major skills gaps that employers urgently need to address and restructured our entire portfolio from the ground up based on these findings.

”Popular misco courses such as Assertiveness, Time Management, and Finance for Non-Finance Professionals have also been updated to keep pace with changes in legislation, industry standards and the business environment. Besides new course material, misco has also introduced innovative learning methods such as mentoring and bootcamps to maximise effectiveness.

misco is taking a fresh flexible approach that adds more value to employees personally and companies as a whole. Starting with the new programmes, participants will be asked to take a pre-course questionnaire in order for trainers to establish their strengths and demands and plan a relevant programme accordingly. Moreover, misco carries out a Needs Analysis Assessment to develop tailor-made courses that match the strategic goals of companies.

The new catalogue has been created together with seasoned practitioners and thought-leaders to provide practical and valuable training with a view on future skills requirements.

“We have assembled an impressive team of experts from different fields who not only have the knowledge to deliver top-quality training, but also the professional mindset to motivate participants and coach their development,” said Ilaria Spiteri Axiak, Training and Development Executive.

As a market leader in Training and Development and HR Consultancy, misco was able to leverage its experience to present a unique prospectus that provides insight, knowledge and expertise to clients. For enquires about the 2020 Training and Development Catalogue or specific courses, kindly contact misco on [email protected].