misco’s Unique Learning Experience

misco’s Unique Learning Experience

Through the years, misco has developed its portfolio in accredited courses and qualifications. The training unit has been set up since 1983, since misco was born. Over the years, the unit has gone through some great changes and developments. Most recently, the training unit has made specific developments by focusing on accredited qualifications. In 2014, misco Consulting became a licensed accredited institution by the Malta Further Higher Education Authority.

misco, however does it differently. First of all, we attract students and learners who are looking to develop their lifelong learning skills, and whose average age is not your typical 18-year-old you would find at other learning institutions. Through the years we have seen individuals grow, from starting with a clerical or administrative job to becoming a line manager, supervisor, or executive. However, these individuals do not have formal education or qualifications to back up their experience. This is when misco recognised the need and importance to create the Award in Leadership and Management and Award in Human Resource Management and Development back in 2014.

Since then, many students have joined our courses. We have also seen the needs to such qualifications change over time, which led us to develop an Undergraduate Higher Diploma in Leadership and Management, and an Undergraduate Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management and Development – both worth 120 ECTS at EQF/MQF Level 5.

We make sure to consider the lifestyle of our learners and their priorities, thus ensuring that the training we offer is a unique experience. Our courses are offered on a blended delivery approach, supported by time-spaced learning. Having a blended delivery method allows time-spaced learning to happen, whereby this provides individuals the opportunity to apply their knowledge learned in sessions to the workplace. Blended delivery means that sessions are held face to face, as well as online through guided learning material. Having said this, such a unique experience is further supported by the level of interaction in misco’s courses and qualifications, where trainers make use of different types of resources such as case studies, role plays, formative assessments, discussions and debates, group work, and many others.

misco’s philosophy, and value, is to provide the best customer service to its customers, and the training unit achieves this by creating a student-centred environment. This means that the courses and sessions are all about the student, whereby an individualised approach is taken by trainers for experience to remain personalised to each and every individual attending.

The unique experience is enhanced by the method of assessments used, whereby students and learners do not need to learn all theories and information ‘by heart’ – that is not what the 21st century learning experience is all about. The assessment tools used promote continuous learning, through assignments, case studies, presentations, surveys, and other tools.

Our courses will get you right where you want to be – whether it is to enter the managerial world, or the human resource world, or simply to understand better and learn more about a single topic. This can be done by following a stand-alone module/unit, which is part of the full qualification.

Get the opportunity to experience misco’s way of learning – we promise that you will not regret it!


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*misco Consulting is licensed as a further and higher education institution, with license number 2014-FHI-2004.


Ilaria Spiteri Axiak – Senior Executive