New Award in Retail Operations

New Award in Retail Operations

misco launched an Award in Retail Operations providing specialised training for employees in the retail sector. The Award is a Level 3 qualification accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) and gives retail employees a 360-degree view of the sector.

Participants are coached on crucial skills including customer service, cross-selling techniques, advanced payment services, basic retail marketing, and health and safety procedures. The programme provides a hands-on and job-oriented journey that gives current and prospective employees in the retail sector a broader perspective on the functions they fulfil.

“There is a growing knowledge gap in the local retail sector,” explained misco Director Ritienne Xerri. “The Award in Retail Operations has been carefully designed to address this need and enable retailers to offer a more wholesome customer experience.”

Delivered by experts in the field, the award introduces a blended method of instruction, including supervised sessions, self-study, as well as 100 hours of formal learning led by specialists in the respective areas.

The programme is tailored to retail in Malta and has been built on the back of a comprehensive understanding of the critical factors that are transforming the industry: from demographic changes to consumption behaviour, and from digitalisation processes to trading policies.

The course aligns with the misco philosophy to offer quality educational opportunities to all sections of the jobs market. Ms Xerri said: “A learning organisation will keep itself ahead of the curve and the Level 3 Award follows misco’s mission to support industry with insight, knowledge, and expertise.”

The innovative programme can also be adapted to meet specific company needs and offered to closed groups, too. More information may be requested by email on [email protected].