The Importance of Psychometric Assessments

The Importance of Psychometric Assessments

Human instinct is after all, quite subjective. Nowadays, most business leaders make decisions that are backed up by data and market research, and therefore psychometric assessments play an important role in helping companies identify high potential in employees throughout all stages of the employment cycle – be it internal promotion, team building, personal development, or recruitment. When recruiting, one wrong decision may cost a company large amounts of money due to lost productivity. In fact, nowadays, the use of psychometric assessments during the selection process is on the rise across several different sectors.

misco is in partnership with a UK company aiming to offer a range of psychometrics to the local business community. Profile:Match2 Assessments are a range of psychometrics which are easy to use and interpret and cover the whole employee lifecycle. This tool also allows for flexibility in choosing the competencies required for the job and assessing different areas as necessary.

From time to time, we conduct online workshops where we discuss Psychometric Assessments, their application, and the benefits of using these tools to assess candidates’ personality scientifically.  Each participant also has the opportunity of trying out an assessment for free.

The workshops assist HR professionals in understanding how to make the best decisions by identifying the ‘must have’ competencies of a role, as well as on how to use psychometrics to develop talent internally for personal development and create the opportunity to improve competencies and interpersonal performance. This is useful as all HR professionals look at individuals through their own eyes and make decisions based on personal subjective perceptions. However, the psychometric process helps add an objective dimension to this.

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For more information and queries about misco’s Profile Match Workshop, or, if you wish to try out our assessments, feel free to contact Sara Anne Galea at MISCO on 22054513 or via email on [email protected].

Sara Anne Galea, Executive